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Air Conditioning and Office Furniture in Surrey, Sussex and the UK

The comfort of your personnel is just as important as the layout they work in. That’s why My Workplace helps clients across Surrey, Sussex and the UK with air conditioning installation, servicing and maintenance, and with the supply and integration of office furniture. Pleasant ambient environments and comfortable facilities make staff happier. In turn, this makes everybody more productive and ultimately increases business profitability.


As far as workspace goes, My Workplace offers a fully-integrated service covering everything from renovations and refurbishments to office moves. Whether you wish to renovate an existing office in Surrey, refurbish premises in Sussex or move to a new workplace on a wider nationwide basis, we’ll be there to handle your project with air conditioning services and office furniture integration tailored to the needs of your business.


Office Furniture


Your eventual choice of office furniture plays a critical role in the success of a renovation, refurbishment or relocation. The desks where your personnel work, the seating in your reception area and even the office furniture in your meeting rooms speak volumes about your company or organisation. Our team works closely with Surrey and Sussex clients from the outset to identify and understand their individual needs and objectives.


We supply and fit office furniture for any type of work environment on a local and nationwide scale. My Workplace factors in key considerations such as staff wellbeing, company ergonomics and the advent of technology to create workspace in Surrey, Sussex and the UK which tunes in with your organisation and those working for it.


Established relationships with suppliers and exceptional buying power help us in providing clients with tailored office furniture to their preferred specifications. My Workplace can even arrange for you to visit suppliers and showrooms in Surrey, Sussex or the surrounding areas to see what’s available and for you test the available options personally.


Following installation, we’ll run through your new office furniture with you and your team to ensure everything works as it should. My Workplace can answer any questions you have while we’re still there. By combining the best in modern office furniture with great client service, our company ensures the smoothest transition after renovations or office moves.


Air Conditioning


A cool-headed workforce is often the key to red-hot performance so it pays to keep office temperatures light during the summer but comfortably warm in winter. To help you maintain optimum office temperatures at any time of the year, My Workplace supplies, installs, services and maintain air conditioning for Surrey and Sussex offices.


Air conditioning services are also available nationwide.


We consider a series of factors with every air conditioning installation to ensure full design compatibility and optimum airflow in every part of your office. Some installers in the Surrey and Sussex areas ignore the layout of your office space. This results in hotspots in one area and cold temperatures in another. This indicates a poor design and installation.


Our experience in office air conditioning reinforces the knowledge that all offices and workplaces in Surrey, Sussex or nationwide are intrinsically different. By designing an air conditioning system suited to the layout of the workspace and your personal requirements, comfort is assured for staff, visitors and anybody else using your business premises.

 To discuss air conditioning or office furniture for premises in Surrey, Sussex or nationwide, call My Workplace on 01306 711984.