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Office Renovations in Surrey, Sussex and the UK from My Workplace

If you already run an office from Surrey or Sussex, it’s almost certain that you’ve built great relationships with local clients, suppliers and businesses. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to jeopardise those relationships by moving. Office renovations and office refurbishments give our own customers all of the benefits associated with having new office space but without the hassle, upheaval or cost of unsettling office moves.


Office renovations and office refurbishments provide your business with the practical space needed for your own team to reach its full potential. My Workplace have already helped countless clients in Surrey, Sussex and nationwide to benefit from renovation and refurbishment work, often without staff or personnel having to leave their desks.


My Workplace works in harmony with small businesses, companies and organisations to revamp workspace in a safe and efficient manner, without disruption, even when offices are still occupied. If required, we’ll even attend your Surrey or Sussex premises in the evening or over the weekend to undertake office renovations and office refurbishments. We work around you so that your day-to-day operations continue as normal.


Office Refurbishments Tailored to the Needs of the Client


Great project management is the key to all successful office renovations and office refurbishments. At My Workplace, we work harmoniously with clients, suppliers and our own workforce to deliver vibrant new office space in Surrey, Sussex and all UK locations while leaving you to focus on the important matter of running your business.


While you’re managing what you know, we’ll be there to manage everything else.


Prior to office renovations and office refurbishments starting, we discuss your personal ideas, aspirations and objectives. It’s important for us to know exactly what you want to gain from renovated or refurbished office space at your Surrey or Sussex premises. My Workplace provides a full survey of your business property and workspace, evaluating the mechanical and electrical layout before designing a solution especially for you.


We can even take office furniture into consideration and look for products which meet the needs of your business or organisation. Instead of losing time making trips to showrooms or retail outlets in the Surrey and Sussex areas, you can leave us to manage office renovations and office refurbishments in full while you go about your business.


My Workplace will even provide a full introduction to every part of your new office space so that you and your team stay familiar with the transformed layout from the outset.


We take the time to understand you, your staff and your business needs. In doing so, My Workplace creates a strategy which works well for your company or organisation.


We translate those needs and design inspired office renovations and office refurbishments in Surrey and Sussex which reflect your company image and enhance team productivity.


Experienced contractors and personnel pay attention to detail throughout the project. Everything is finished to time and inside budget seamlessly.

To discuss office renovations or office refurbishments at any location in Surrey, Sussex or nationwide, call My Workplace on 01306 711984.